Our Vodka

How We Do What We Do
The Process


We start with the finest russet potatoes to create the best vodka.


We add pure spring water to the potatoes and begin to cook with steam, constantly stirring to ensure the smoothest taste. Our stainless steel tanks keep it pure and simple. The mash is then carefully transferred to a fermenting tank where yeast and enzymes are added to change the mash to alcohol. We triple distill the alcohol and guide the mix through copper and stainless steel to create 190 proof base. It is then blended with purified water to create our premium 80 proof vodka. Our finished product is bottled, corked, and sealed.



We take pride in the attention to detail we use to create the best vodka out there. We start with the finest ingredients and use an intricate process in our custom stainless steel still. But the most important part is enjoying the fruits of our labor. Cirrus Vodka. Hand Crafted to Be Savored.