Vodka is really old - over 12 centuries old, in fact. But for most of that time, it’s been made with grains: wheat, rye, corn, or a combination of the three.


Potatoes make the best and smoothest vodka because they impart a slightly sweet, creamier flavor profile that’s ideal for sipping. While more difficult to produce than grain vodkas, we know a premium product is worth the extra time and effort


Our russet potatoes create a more soft, voluptuous vodka. Potatoes also make a slightly sweeter, creamier flavor profile, ideal for sipping.


Water is added to the potatoes in stainless steel tanks, where they are heated and constantly stirred. The mash is then carefully transferred to a fermenting tank where yeast is added to convert the mash into alcohol.


We triple distill the alcohol and guide the mix through copper and stainless steel to create 190 proof base. This process produces a pure vodka with character and flavor intact. The alcohol is then tested using a gas chromatograph and once approved, we begin our filtration process.


Cirrus is then blended with charcoal-filtered water in our 8-step hands-on process to create our 80 proof Cirrus Vodka. Finally, our product is bottled, corked, and sealed in our Richmond, Virginia distillery.